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Welcome to The Unusual History of Every Thing, Season 8!


If you love weird history mixed with archaeological findings and some entertaining stories, then Melanie & Karen have a podcast for you!

New episodes air every Tuesday on all podcast outlets, with occasional hilarious accompanying video blogs on our YouTube channel! Check them out and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review!

The Unusual History of Every Thing is co-hosted, written and produced by Melanie Dellas and Karen Lacy.

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Current Episode

Magic Elixirs: How Snake Oil Salesmen Conned the MassesMelanie Dellas and Karen Lacy
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Season 8, Episode 4

Magic Elixirs: How Snake Oil Salesmen Conned the Masses

On this episode, we show you how ancient Chinese medicine became the inspiration for medicine shows and rattlesnake wranglers. If you’ve ever heard of the term “snake oil salesman,” then you’re probably well aware of its negative connotations. If you haven't, you're about to get all the details...

Past Episodes


Season 8, Episode 3

A Twisted Tale: The Unusual History of Rat Kings

On this episode, we try to unravel the tale of the European phenomenon of rat kings. As the story goes, long ago a wise old rat who wanted to be the king of all the rats made the lesser rats form a mountain. He climbed up to the top, and sat there, demanding respect and adoration from the other rats. Unfortunately for those other rats, they had been using their tails to hold onto each other and became tangled up together. In the 1500s, this tale gave rise to the term “rat king.” But where did this story come from? 

Season 8, Episode 2

The Life and Death of Mummy Paint

On this episode, we talk about how artists used dead people to make their paintings come alive. We’ve done a podcast or two on corpse medicine and how people of long ago used mummies as cures. And the dark liquid the body oozes out during the putrefaction process, which ranges from dark purple to brown, made people in the Middle Ages take notice.

Season 8, Episode 1

Don’t Flip Them Over! The Unusual History of Demon Bowls

On this episode, we uncover the secrets contained within demon bowls, and try to figure out why anyone in their right mind would turn one over. But before we get into that, welcome to Season 8, which is going to be fun and, as always, a little weird and gross, depending on who you ask. And in the case of this episode, perhaps a little terrifying!

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