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Welcome to The Unusual History of Every Thing, Season 6!


If you love weird history mixed with archaeological findings and some entertaining stories, then Melanie & Karen have a podcast for you!

New episodes air every Tuesday on all podcast outlets, with occasional hilarious accompanying video blogs on our YouTube channel! Check them out and don't forget to subscribe and leave a review!

The Unusual History of Every Thing is co-hosted, written and produced by Melanie Dellas and Karen Lacy.

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Current Episode

The Unusual History of AtlantisMelanie Dellas and Karen Lacy
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Season 6, Episode 2

The Unusual History of Atlantis

The myth of Atlantis has captivated the hearts and minds of many for over 2000 years. People work endlessly to discover the long-lost city, making guesses as to where it could have sunk and how. Could it be near the Straits of Gibraltar, in the Mediterranean Sea, or off the coast of Everglade City? Could an earthquake or volcano sink an entire civilization? Some venture to say that the Atlanteans were aliens and have long gone home to their planet. Still others believe this civilization became what we today call mermaids. On this episode, we travel to the depths of the ocean and try to figure out where the fabled Atlantis now rests.

Past Episodes

Season 6, Episode 1

From Dwarves to Elves to Gardens: The Origin of the Gnome

Welcome to Season 6 of The Unusual History of Every Thing, where we will be revamping a few of the episodes you heard all those years ago in Season 1, and sprinkling them in with new ones. On this episode, we’re taking you back to Season 1, Episode 1 where we’ll show you how gnomes went from dwarves to elves to gardens.