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Our Conservators


Muse Curatorial Consulting Group partners with many talented museum professionals across the nation. Our team of experts lovingly care for all types of collections, from textiles and ethnography, to rare books and fine art. If you have a question about what we can help you with, call us today at (800) 715-8804.

Sarah Myriam Winston

Textile/Costume Preservationist

& Textile Collections Management Consultant

Sarah M. Winston is a textile and costume preservationist/conservator with a decade of experience managing textile collections, and 20 years of weaving and dyeing expertise. She provides a range of services covering consultation, on-site examination, condition reports, cleaning, stabilizing, and restoration treatment, as well as construction of custom-designed supports, forms and enclosures. She provides advice and recommendations regarding collection care and preparation of textiles for display and storage.

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She conserves and preserves a wide variety of Western and non-Western textiles such as embroidered, appliquéd cloth, lace, tapestries, flatweave rugs, quilts, costumes, hats and accessories, and extensive experience in working with ethnographic textiles such as Tapa and Kuba cloth. She also offers lectures on topics including textile storing, displaying, and basic conservation recommendations for museum and private collections while providing low-cost and low-tech solutions with easy application.

Sarah has a B.A. in Humanities with a minor in Art History from San Diego State University and has completed coursework for her M.A. in Applied Textile Design. She completed a graduate certificate in Costume and Textile Collection Management from California State Long Beach. She has managed a 7,000 textiles collection for Mingei International Museum for 12 years, and has interned at the De Young Fine Art Museum in San Francisco, as well as in a conservator’s private practice in Culver City. She belongs to various organizations such as the North American Textile Conservation group, Textile Society of America, and the Textile Museum Associates of Southern California.

Beverly Perkins


& Museum Preservation Consultant

Beverly Perkins, AIC and IIC Fellow, is a past board member of AIC, Heritage Preservation, CWAM and WAAC. Beverly is currently the Division Director for Museum Services and Chief Conservator of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Beverly is a member of National Heritage Responders and past responder to disasters in the Gulf Coast and Haiti. She received a Master of Art in art history from the University of Chicago and a Master of Science and a Certificate of Advanced study from Buffalo State College. Beverly worked as

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a conservator at Winterthur Museum and The Brooklyn Museum, with internships at Colonial Williamsburg, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and Peebles Island. She served as the NEH Western Region Field Service Officer, consulting with museums in California, Washington, Oregon and Arizona. Beverly built a conservation intern program that has trained 100 interns in 11 years, and was the recipient of the Keck Award for excellence in education and training.


Nicole Bagley

Object Research/Book and Paper Restoration

Nicole is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in History. After graduating, she began an apprenticeship restoring and stabilizing rare and antique books, maps, documents, and weaponry under both a trained conservator and former county archivist. Nicole gained the knowledge and necessary skills to prolong the life of a wide array of archival materials through her years of training.

As an art handler and exhibit preparator for Mingei International Museum, Nicole is

rigorously trained in the care and handling of museum objects. She provides services that include repairing individual pages of documents or maps, stabilization and complete rebinding of books and bibles, and care processes that will protect delicate objects for storage. Nicole believes that restoration of books and paper materials should be made accessible to collectors of all types, and is always willing to work with clients to ensure they are comfortable throughout the project. Her clients include well known historians, authors, private collectors, and book stores, looking to breathe life back into their rare and beloved books by returning them to their known original state. She has traveled across states to meet directly with a client in order to consult, research, and restore.

Throughout her career, Nicole has been successful in blending her passions for anthropology, history, and restoration through her positions in museums, National Parks, as a professional historical researcher, and as a media production assistant for historical projects. Nicole’s involvement in the Company of Military Historians and the Texas Historical Association reflects her personal interests that include pre-Colonial Spain in the Native Southwest, Texana and Alamo history, and World War II.

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