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Let us help you protect your collections for future generations, and create inspirational exhibits for all to admire.


We offer a broad range of services for our clients, aimed at supporting the preservation, conservation, assessment, and respectful care of historic and cultural materials, artifacts, fine art and archival records.


Muse Curatorial Consulting Group (MCCG) offers customized solutions individually tailored to reflect the size, need and cultural importance of each client’s concerns. We approach each project with the highest standards and best practices in use by museums today. MCCG is dedicated to training your staff to take the lead after we have completed a project, while maintaining open communication for as long as is needed.

Museum Lectures, Workshops & Training

In a post-Covid world, attending workshops, lectures and classes is difficult. MCCG has prepared virtual museum workshops and lectures to train your staff, or we can all meet in person and we will come to your museum! 

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Artifact Conservation & Museum Collections Assessment Reports


MCCG provides collection and conservation assessments and care for museums, Native American tribes, private collectors, cultural organizations and historical societies, art galleries, and artists for short- and long-range planning. 

Our goal is to ensure all ethnographic, archaeological, archival collections, antiques and family heirlooms, and fine art will last for as long as possible, in the best condition possible. Therefore we address the long-term preservation of an object through thoughtful reports and treatment plans.

At the end of this process, you will have a report that can be used to apply for necessary funding, a clear list of priorities, and a document that shows your commitment to increasing the level of stewardship you provide for your objects.

Museum and Private Collections Care Plans

Ideally, everything in a building that houses any type of ethnographic, fine art or archival collection will be climate controlled, pest free, and housed safely from natural disasters. However, sometimes buildings or private homes need a little help in maintaining the proper environment for precious collections. MCCG will help to get the best environment possible within the constraints of your building, funding and staff.

Our team will also detail how to best secure your collection against pests, mold, earthquakes, floods/water damage, fire and accidents. If approved by you, we will efficiently protect your objects from future harm in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Preventative Care & Object Conservation Treatment Plans


If treatment on an object or collection is deemed necessary, a plan will be created by our team and approved by you. MCCG conservation efforts are aimed at stabilizing the objects, repairing as much damage as possible, and preventing further harm.

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Collection Management


In order to create a compelling exhibit or invite researchers into your facility or private residence, you must first know what you have and where to find it. MCCG can help you gain full control over your collection. We will help you choose the best collections management software for your collection, create a workable inventory and tracking system, and help you manage it.


MCCG will also develop and implement collection management policies and procedures; and improve documentation for loans, accessions and deaccessions. Our team can expertly create selection criteria for accessioning objects, as well as deaccessioning, or if you are a private collector we can help you understand what objects are appropriate for your collection.

Archival Care


An organization’s or personal archival collection serves as an important resource for collective memory. MCCG will help you preserve and utilize that resource. Our team will first assess your current archival collection, identify problem areas and immediate needs, and make recommendations. 

MCCG will examine your current inventory and tracking system, take the time to go through images, arrange them thoughtfully, remove duplicates, identify restrictions to access, provide researched descriptions, and ensure the collections are readily accessible.

We will also establish policies and procedures for proper handling and storage for a wide range of materials.

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Packing, Crating, Shipping

The safety of your objects is the focus of our team when packing, crating or transporting objects. Whether for long-term storage or for transit to another site, we will provide the same best practices every time. We use budget-friendly storage containers and packing materials. We photograph everything before packing, recording any damage. Each packer writes a label on the outside of the box with its contents and object numbers, and a barcode system can be used for inventory tracking. 
Custom Storage Containers

​MCCG can make anything your objects need for storage or transport. Many different kinds of archival quality boxes, trays, custom foam inserts, rings, drawer dividers, earthquake boxes, you name it!

Museum Exhibit Design & Installation/Deinstallation​

We know how quickly exhibit tear downs need to happen in order to set up the next one. We also know that despite the need for speed, installations are often complicated and always delicate. MCCG prides itself on the expertise and professionalism of its team. Documenting the process is important, so we take pictures of the placement of each piece in the exhibit, and condition report everything, noting any damage or missing pieces. Afterward, we take down the current exhibit, inventory everything, pack it and crate it. Our team will also clean the space and prep it for the next installation.


In order to set up the incoming exhibit, we can help coordinate drop-offs/pickups, get the necessary equipment and displays in place, hang or mount the objects, and create custom mounts.

We support and adhere to the Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Practice of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC):

  • Limit damage or deterioration

  • Provide guidelines for continual use/care

  • Recommend appropriate environmental conditions for storage and exhibition

  • Encourage proper procedures for handling, pacing and transport

  • Document examination, scientific investigation and treatment by creating permanent records and reports

AIC is the national membership organization of conservation professionals that advances the practice and promotes the importance of the preservation of cultural property. Our conservation professionals are all members of the AIC.

MCCG is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, American Alliance of Museums, American Federation of Museums, San Diego County Archaeological Society, California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, and American Association for State and Local History.

Initial phone or email conversation is free, so contact us today so we can safeguard your objects for tomorrow. Call (800) 715-8804 or email
Museum Grant Writing

Applying for museum grants? We can help! We specialize in both local and national foundation grants, as well as city, state and federal government grants, and have on staff an IMLS grant peer reviewer. 

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