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The Lost Art of Box Making

Who hasn’t had the need at one point or another for special rehousing for their objects? Whether it’s a drop-down-front box, a “Barbie” box, a clam-shell box, a box with shelves inside, or even just a simple tray, we have all made, tried to make or searched online for something to help protect our objects. Most museum professionals have never made a box or tray successfully – and some have never tried at all. We did a random search online, and surprisingly there isn’t much out there to teach us this lost art.  

That’s where we come in. Muse Curatorial Consulting Group is your one-stop shop for all things collections related across the country. But we LOVE to make boxes! Our team specializes in custom rehousing for any object. So if you’re having a problem figuring out a way to safeguard your objects, let us know. We have generic templates for boxes and trays you can purchase for a minimal cost on our website, or give us your object’s dimensions and we’ll custom make a storage solution just for you! 

We will also be offering a series of self-help videos on our website to teach you the basics of box and tray making. Or if you like, we can come to your facility and train your employees how to do it in a one-day workshop! Our goal is to help you preserve history – no matter your budget. 


So call today for a free consultation! (800) 715-8804 

Looking for a Box or Tray Template? 

Hover over templates below to purchase and download! All templates are $5 each.

Fantastic, Fabulous Creatures & Beasts by Melanie Dellas

Mythological creatures can be found in every culture around the world throughout time. From fairies to headless horsemen, our histories are rich with beautiful beasties and ghastly ghouls – each with its own story to tell. They are harbingers of doom, choosers of the slain and protectors from evil. They dwell deep inside mountains, make homes in our hallways and wander the waters. 

Fantastic, Fabulous Creatures & Beasts came about because of my love of history. I take “real” folk tales and write them in a format that will help children remember them. Because I have not embellished the stories or changed them in any way from their original versions, you will find nice creatures and not-so-nice creatures. Through my books it is my hope that children will come to respect and appreciate the multicultural world they live in and, of course, remember that our world is still mystical and magical – as long as our stories remain alive.

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