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Insurance Companies & Collections

Insurance companies and their agents have a tough job – and a very important one. They take care of the people who rely on them when disaster strikes. Insuring a family’s or a businesses’ property gives people peace of mind, knowing that their memories and precious objects are cared for.

If you’re an insurance company, imagine one of your biggest private clients. Perhaps they have 100+ objects in their home, appraised at well over $1 million. They have come to you for that priceless peace of mind. That knowledge that if something happened, they’d be covered. Then one day a fire sweeps through half their home, damaging all of the objects. They call you in a panic, but you reassure them that everything will be ok; you’re sending an agent/assessor over right away.

Upon first glance, the objects have major water and smoke damage, with soot particulate covering everything. The objects are made up of a plethora of materials: bone, ivory, pottery, wood, feathers, glass, etc. Because of the corrosive potential of smoke and soot particulate and based on the onsite assessment from the insurance company and its inspectors, it is recommended that the objects be professionally cleaned and the damage assessed by a professional. But who? This is where we come in.

Like insurance companies caring for the people, Muse Curatorial Consulting Group (MCCG) cares for the objects people love. Calling in a regular cleaning crew may be the cheaper option, but definitely not the smartest. Companies that do general house cleaning use chemicals and cleansers that will damage certain antiques and artifacts even further – and make your insurance company liable. It’s always wiser – and safer for the objects – if you use a company that has experience cleaning and repairing all types of objects that have been damaged from fire, water, mold, insects, accidents and anything else you can imagine. Your clients trust you to take care of them. Trust Muse Curatorial Consulting Group to take care of the objects they love.

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