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Protecting Collections from Disasters

In this lecture, you will learn the steps necessary to safeguard your objects and collection spaces from most disasters. Anticipate, Prepare, Implement!
Protecting Collections from Disasters

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In any industry, for any disaster, preparation is key. Thinking about the what ifs in any stressful situation that could potentially damage or destroy your collections is necessary to establish a smart and calm line of defense.  You want to be proactive instead of making reactive, impulsive decisions in the moment. And in order to do this, you have to go through every scenario that could affect your collection. From water damage, fires and earthquakes, to mold, moths and more, this lecture will give you the tools necessary to tackle them all!  

In this lecture video you will learn: 

* How to anticipate all disasters for all types of collections in all types of collection spaces 

* How to prepare yourself, your team and your collections 

* How to implement your disaster plan in a safe and efficient way 

* How to lead recovery efforts if a disaster strikes  

Lecture is given by museum consultant Melanie Dellas, CEO and Co-Founder of Muse Curatorial Consulting Group.

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